Why do you need us?

Competition is at its peak and the company who doesn’t grab their potential market by communicating their solutions at the right time and through the right frontiers, will lose their grip and profits even before they realize it.

Your competitors are planning to outrun you.

The time is long gone when you had a huge audience and a few serving companies, with start-up culture at its peak there are a range of companies who’re planning to outrun you by better technology and quicker services. To gain an upper hand on them you need a strong operating system to reach out to your audience before anyone else does. POTG has the ability to create attractive proposals and in no time you’ll find them with your client.

You need to save a lot of time and money

Do you realize how much you’re investing in time, money and energy? Your employees keep calling the same client time and again while some will end up not calling the potential lead. Without a good communication and monitoring mechanism, they keep doing the same thing and you keep discussing the same thing every month while your competitors are making huge profits with the same amount of staff. POTG ensures a good employee mechanism in the company, you discuss less and work more. The automatic features of lead management make your employees call the right client at the right time with a 75% increase in conversion rate. Want to know how? Try our demo now.

Your contemporary data storing mechanism will soon be outdated

Do you have memory power enough to manage all your client’s information and update it from time to time? If not, then you’ll keep investing time and money in updating and managing data while your competitors will be busy in converting leads. POTG has a cloud based system which automates your data saving and updating abilities and saves you ample amount of time to concentrate on lead conversion and better communication with your target audience. With POTG, you can convert more leads, manage more clients and reap better profits.

We get you more leads and a better mechanism to manage them

Collecting more leads and managing them has always been a huge concern for any business, if you’re one of them then your business practices are old. POTG doesn’t just sustain the clients which you already have, but attracts more leads and keeps your business a profit making machine. The software keeps a proper track of the leads which you might get from emails, social media, seminars, marketing, tradeshows, and webinars. It alerts your sales team to reach to the filtered leads and convert them in no time. All your potential leads are automatically collected and managed on the same platform.

Individualize your customer relationship

Having a more personalized solution for your customers is a significant tactic to leave your competitors behind or be left behind by them with your current approach. Your customers’ have a different problem to solve and the company which solves the problem wins the game. To solve the problem, you need to first identify it and POTG does exactly the same for you; its tools help you gain insights about customer’s demographics, his needs, problems and interest and accordingly supports you to make a sales pitch solving the same problem. The simple automated method could have a massive impact on your business and its long term survival.

Train Your employees to keep their best feet forward

Your business depends on your employees and its failure too, you have to ensure that your team is pitching clients the right thing at the right time, one miscommunicated quality could not only zero your scope of conversion but will also leave an ever lasting impression in the market you want to target.

A better customer relationship means a better communication process

The process of building a long lasting relationship with clients requires a fast and efficient communication system, which briskly updates you for call backs, feedbacks, due dates, meetings and much more. POTG keeps a track record of all your calls and updates you for the entire scheduling and communication cycle with a client with utmost precision.