Features of POTG – proposal on the go

CRM is not a luxury, it’s a need if you want to ensure the business growth

Traditional practices of doing business are slow and has a wide range of visible errors ranging right from the practice of collecting leads to finally converting them. A lot of time and money is invested in advertising and marketing, but no efforts are made to maintain proper records and improving the communication cycle with your clients which eventually matters the most.

It’s been noticed that CRM has not only improved the overall performance of the companies functioning on it, but also has ensured their edge in the market.

POTG is not just a tool to shoulder the workload of your company but it is the only source to expand the scope of a sustainable business and now, even more than ever, your business has to outdo competitors by introducing a faster mechanism of sales and turning your company into an ultimate follow-up machine.

Our Custom fit features flexibly mould your business to increase sales like never before.

Customer lifecycle

A customer’s life cycle can be insignificantly small or productively long, depending on your interaction and client servicing. In order to make your mark in the eyes of your customers, you need to have a strong communication mechanism so that your customer doesn’t slip on to any other company whose communication process was better and more personalized than yours. POTG’s high-end CRM software is specialized in relationship building and better interaction with the customers.

To make your clients stay with you longer and for attracting new customers, POTG keeps a track record of all the interactions and decided areas of functionalities from the very beginning of your contracts, its customized features help you engage with your clients anytime from anywhere and from any device making your response faster and increases the possibility of converting sales like never before. POTG collects all the customer related data and maintains a proper track record of invoice, documents, terms and condition and much more.

Inquiry and lead management

Prioritizing your leads, scheduling the first call, nurturing the leads and an agile lead accumulation mechanism are a few major concerns which decides the possible fate of a lead. Collect all your leads on a single platform, be it digital media, outbound sources or through marketing campaigns. POTG automatically collects your leads and distributes it among the right employees, you can keep a track on who is managing which lead and what methods are converting a lead and how much condition a weaker lead needs.

POTG has a centralized mechanism of inquiries, it updates, filters and stores all your data in an easy to locate structure. Mechanisms and features like these widens the possibility of converting more leads in less time.

No more data hassles

POTG integrates the efficiency of cloud computing to categorically make proposal sections and save all your business data on a single platform making it easily accessible and searched. The next time your sales person wouldn’t have to exhaust a lot of time to search a document or import customer and product data from a CRM system because POTG does it all for him in no time.

You can provide tags to each section and locate them easily to add them up in your proposal, the efficient practice of storing and using the information makes a few hours work completed in a few minutes.

Employee tracking location

‘POTG gives you a system to track the location of your employees and establish a better coordination and eliminate any scope of business faux, it also provides you with a profound GPS tracking functionality which empowers you to tract the exact location of your team members while they’re out on a sales call, moreover, by virtue of its inbuilt GPS tracker allows you to systems the on field activities by knowing the shortest distances.

The laziness of your employees has been costing you potential clients, but not anymore

Marketing and productive activities

Marketing is a game of putting the right information through the right channel and at the right time, one glitch or laziness in the communication process can lose you a potential client for a lifetime. POTG is a single platform to monitor all your marketing campaigns, no longer you’ll have to take calculated risks. With POTG you can monitor and align your marketing channels, manage mailing list, streamline your upcoming leads and stay in touch with your customer and clients all the time.

POTG’s customized mechanism for lead management and accumulation gets you to access more leads with better communication methods in much less time, thereby, a good marketing communication system is a must to convert those lead in desired proportionalities.