POTG is a cloud based sales & CRM software which has been customised to stream line and easily track the heavy sales cycle of your manufacturing industry while also ensuring the productivity of your team. Being the Best CRM software for the Manufacturing Industry, POTG has the lengthiest sales cycle, meeting sales target is nearly impossible to achieve with traditional mode of maintaining customer data. POTG saves and maintains all your critical customer data on the cloud and enables your sales team to access that information from anywhere possible whether they are operating from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat or any other city across the globe.

Generally, having geographically spread out team means more hassles in tracking them during sales call and many times in the wake of sales executive’s iteration, an erosion of customer information and open lead take place. To arrest these points POTG CRM software for Manufacturing Industry is the only solution you should latch on to! It not only ensure the productivity of your sales team, but also track them during sales call and for your sales team to ensure faster conversions, they can use the same platform to make multiple proposals on go.

As all the leads are logged in and chased from this portal, information erosion due to iteration will be solved for ever. Your new sales force will be empowered with all the leftover information of your customer, enabling you to pick up the sales process right from where it was left!

Your sales depends on the agility of your sales team to handle existing customers while making room for new customers, POTG builds an ultimate sales machine with tools expediting the entire sales cycle. It integrates with your current ERP enabling your sales team to easily access your inventory from anywhere possible. Besides an easy hand on inventory, POTG also equips your sales team with tools to streamline your client’s payment records, know the details of all the outstanding payments, ledgers, payment history etc.


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