The Product

‘If you don’t acquire POTG now, then your competitors will’

POTG – proposal on the go is a cloud based sales & customer relationship management software which amalgamates all your sales, marketing and data handling practices on a single platform – Your team no longer spend hours in managing leads, saving data, managing inventory or making proposal. POTG does that all for you, It accumulates all your customer data on the cloud and easily integrates with your current ERP. Your team virtually is always ready to make proposals on the go and close deals faster than ever.

POTG is a personalized Sales & CRM software which ensures the growth of your business by personalising your client servicing and automating your sales, marketing and business management mechanism.

POTG saves time, enhances efficiency, guarantees customer gratification, smoothens operation and ascends the company towards a change which is necessary and productive.

POTG integration with cloud negates all the existing possibilities of data loss and data rupture in the business.

CRM uses a single platform to solve the various problems of your business.


  • Customer interaction & relationship building.
  • Data saving & updating.
  • Sales & marketing,
  • Lead generation and management
  • Employee coordination & quick feedback services.
  • Employee tracking.
  • Proposal making.


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