POTG CRM software for Traders has captured the root needs of your trading firm to curate a comprehensive cloud based sales and CRM software which streamlines the most time consuming pre-sales operations to allow your sales team close deals in 75% less time than before.

Your sales team is always out for sales call but POTG ensures their peak productivity by monitoring their field performance by tracking them. Trading's narrow profit margins and heavy sales target are always difficult to achieve with current practices of data handling and follow-up procedure. POTG saves all your critical customer data on cloud and automate your proposal making process to save your team’s time to concentrate on client servicing and sales.

Knowing inventory for sales team while they’re on a sales call is a must for trading industry, you no longer can afford to increase the sales process. With POTG you can create proposals, check inventory, take permissions and extract sale all while you’re on a sales call - possibilities of error and time wastage ‘none’. POTG also equips your sales team to streamline the payment collection process with details on customer data, outstanding payments, ledgers, payment history, all using on a single platform

POTG is the Best CRM software for Traders in any corner of the world whether it is Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat in Gujarat or New York or New Jersey in USA. With mobilised features of cloud and the presence of all the features on a single platform, you always stay interconnected with the team and consequently narrow the process of sending multiple emails for discount and other sales permissions.

When it comes to FMCG & CPG sales force the only thing that matters is the availability of the right data to the right sales guy at right time. 360 degree view of the customer balances and transaction before the sales guy reaches the right distributor is game changer to propose, push or position company products. All of this data generally is stored within the ERP systems with limited availability of it in the field to the sales force.


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