POTG CRM software for Engineering company has captured the technical specifications of your engineering products and its market to shape up a communicative cloud based sales and CRM software which automates and mobilizes your proposal making process, with nearly all the details of your customer saved on the mobilized platform of cloud, your sales team can nearly make proposal in no time, even during entertaining a sales call. It is the best CRM software for engineering for all the Ahmedabad based engineering companies as well as Baroda, Surat and other cities of India.

Engineering products require a lot of free flow of information from your sales team to the customers, POTG saves nearly 70 percent of your team's time by automating most of the operational practices of the company and subsequently enabling them to establish a well-organized follow-up cycle with the customers.

POTG doesn't just mobilize your proposal making process, it also mobilizes your inventory management. With integration with your present ERP, POTG enables your sales team to access your inventory and other accounting details from anywhere and from any device.

Sales call are very important on daily basis for your engineering products to make its mark in the market, but the same als requires your sales team to be profoundly proactive during their sales call. POTG tracks your team while they're out on sales call and ensures that each employee could practice multiple meeting in less time.


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