Events & Exhibition

For the companies who're using - POTG is a stress buster in selling stalls and establishing a perpetual communication cycle with customers for better sales – with features designed especially for events & exhibitions as it is the Best CRM software for the Event Managers, POTG secures and saves all your critical customer data automatically on cloud, your sales team no longer stays occupied with maintaining heavy patchwork of spreadsheets and directs all their focus entirely on follow-ups and customer services.

POTG enables your team to access the inventory information anytime and from everywhere, whether it is Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat or any other city in the world POTG provides its best support with its features of CRM software for the Event Management.

Easy access to critical information and an ultimate mechanism for follow-ups always keeps the chaos of selling stalls and last minute changes in event management under control. With nearly no cost involved on updating or maintaining different software for different purposes. POTG is a one stop for all your lead management, data accumulation, customer servicing, inventory management, sales tracking and marketing solutions on a single platform.


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