Real Estate

POTG is a fully customizable and all-integrated cloud based sales and Best CRM software for Real Estate Industry, which streamlines the heavy lead generating activities of your Real Estate’s marketing & advertising campaigns and ensures that your sales team saves all the time to nurture each lead until it ends up with a purchase. Unlike before, following your heavy investments in branding & advertising your properties, you'll be finally assured that someone is on the task of chasing every possible lead generated with explicit follow-ups till the end purchase.

Your ability to generate sales is completely synced with your ability to establish a legitimate follow-up mechanism. Which is impossible for you to achieve with your current sales team being preoccupied with maintaining huge data base, inventory management and never ending customer spreadsheets. POTG is a fully integrated cloud based platform which maintains and stores all your critical customer data on cloud and saves your sales team all the time to capitalize the leads and take on a robust follow-up approach.

POTG opens up a new paradigm of maintaining your inventories for various types of properties accessible from any part of the world in cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and others. It not only eases your operations but builds trust & credibility with the customers.


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